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The ancient Aztec clothing of the warrior offered some protection, and their head dresses also served as helmets. When the Spanish arrived in Mexico, the people were surprised to see them in their full armour, with only their faces exposed. Women would weave the fibers into clothing, a task girls were taught as young teenagers. New with no tags.

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It is a style of art with enormous traction and popularity around the world, and the reds, whites, blacks, yellows, and blues that are commonly used mean that any piece of clothing decorated in an Aztec motif stays in style throughout spring, summer, and autumn.

The meaning of their Masks, and how they styled their hair. Aztec clothes were made from different materials. The most commonly used were cotton fibre and ayate fibre, which was made from the local Maguey Cactus. But it was told that cotton was actually a fabric the Aztecs reserved for the nobility or the upper class. It has been told that for a commoner to wear cotton could even signal a death sentence for them.

Due to the need for lots of fabric Aztec women started weaving at a young age and they would use a lot of colour for dying the fabrics, giving the bright coloured clothing that many hold synonymous with the Aztec clothing style. The Aztecs projected wealth by wearing extensive jewellery often made of gold or precious stones.

Headdresses often made of feathers were also considered to be very beautiful. Feathers, gold, fur, necklaces, bangles, earrings, nose rings and even lip rings were worn. They become much more elaborate in some costumes. These may be made of bone, wood, shells and stones. Animal teeth, claws and feathers were used as well.

The most expensive feather worn by royalty that was rumoured to be more precious than gold at that time was called Quetzal, and it comes from a bird with brilliant blue and green feather. While the Aztec masks are works or art in themselves and very memorable, the Aztec masks were not an everyday piece of fashion in this society. Masks were worn typically along with costumes when the Aztecs were doing rituals.

Each mask that they wore would represented one of the many Aztec Gods, like one of the many fertility or Aztec maize gods. Aztec women often styled their hair in a fashion called the Neaxtlahualli. This was done by braiding the hair on each side of the head that were shaped like horns. Some Aztec women would tie their long hair with scarves or adorn them with colourful headdresses. Men may also wear headdresses and symbols of their tribe or group are on it.

The head of their tupu was decorated with paint or silver, gold, or copper bells. All warriors wore loincloths, and basic military armor called ichcahuipilli. When they were recognized by the state for their bravery in battle, their status increased regardless of original class and they were rewarded with shell and glass beaded jewelry. If the warrior was more honored or a higher rank, they would wear battle suits called Tlahuiztli; these suits were distinctively decorated for prestigious warriors and members of warrior societies.

They served as a way to identify warriors according to their achievements in battle as well as rank, alliance, and social status like priesthood or nobility. Usually made to work as a single piece of clothing with an opening in the back, they covered the entire torso and most of the extremities of a warrior, and offered added protection to the wearer. The tlahuiztli was made with elements of animal hide, leather, and cotton. Warriors were also allowed to wear sandals as they progressed through the ranks.

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