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No Pre K Address: Unable to load more. Whether they are shy or outgoing our dedicated staff will give your child all the love, support and guidance they need to excel during this exciting adventure.

Kids `R` Kids of Lawler Farm | Frisco, TX ward-Winning Premier Learning Academy Our top-ranked award-winning curriculum services children from infant through 13 years of all-inclusive tuition provides extra-curricular activities including Spanish, Fitness, Technology and Music classes.
Kids `R` Kids is a locally owned and operated franchise. We are very proud to provide the most innovative facilities and effective educational programs for children 6 weeks through 5th grade. Our sincere love for children and strong belief that they should have a solid foundation in combination with Kids `R` Kids the absolute leader in its industry make us the perfect choice for your family`s childcare .
Kids R Kids of Lawler Farm in Frisco in Frisco, Texas (TX) child care facility. Find data, photos, and reviews about this school.
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Located in Frisco, Texas, Kids R Kids-Frisco Main St. is a preschool and child care center that offers innovative child care programs for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. It has been offering its Fees: $ per week.

Parents will be notified of the situation and you will be required to pick up your child ren as soon as possible. Alcohol, Drugs, and Tobacco In our effort to provide a safe, healthy environment in which each child may grow and develop, we maintain a school free of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco use.

The use or presence of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco by school staff, parents, or anyone visiting the school is prohibited in the building or anywhere on the grounds. The use or presence of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco is prohibited during any outing or field trip, as well as on any vehicle used by the school to transport your child ren. If a child is engaged in behavior not conducive to a safe and happy learning environment, the teacher will "redirect" the child toward appropriate behavior.

The use of physical punishment and harsh language is prohibited. Dismissal Policy The staff will work with each child to fulfill the needs of that child, and every effort will be made to provide a positive learning experience. Special needs will be accommodated when possible. In the event behavior becomes disruptive to the program or becomes a problem that poses an unsafe situation for the child or other children in the class, alternative arrangements will be required.

A partnership must be formed the first day with open communication and understanding that the development and growth of the child is our top priority. Parents can assist and help ensure a smooth transition by doing the following: Sign children in and out at the front desk and then escort them to their designated class.

Have all forms completed promptly. Update forms as needed when changes occur i. Notify the school if your child is ill. Do not bring an ill child to the school. Notify the school if your child will be absent. Notify the school if you will be later than usual picking up your child. School is not responsible for lost clothing. Children should be dressed properly for the weather and play.

Do not allow children to bring toys. Attend scheduled parent meetings and conferences. Ask questions and address concerns as they arise. Written notification will be provided to parents. We are extremely proud of our excellent staff of teachers and directors!

Our staff is part of the consistent care provided by Kids 'R' Kids. All Kids 'R' Kids faculty and personnel are required to follow state regulations that apply to training. Additional training in curriculum, child development, classroom arrangement, classroom management, age-appropriate activities, nutrition, field trip planning and OSHA regulations provide the staff with skills needed to create a quality learning environment.

Our staff are encouraged to further their education through CDA and CCP programs and are given opportunities to attend professional training conferences. Many of our staff hold bachelor's degrees and some even master's degrees! This technology is already used in the medical device and food processing industries.

Ozone is generated with ultraviolet light using the air in the room in the sealed ZONO cabinet. Humidity is then added to the sealed ZONO cabinet, and the sanitizing process is completed. The ZONO cabinet is a safe, dependable environment for sanitizing. Or find out more about ZONO! The ZONO controls microbial contamination by sterilizing bacteria, viruses and fungi. It is an important part of a comprehensive sanitizing routine.

The eco-friendly technology reduces the time, energy, and chemicals required to sanitize. We use the Zono to sanitize just about everything your child uses at our school such as crayons, books, small toys, soft play items, infant walkers, mattresses, mats, bouncy seats, and activity tables.

Our all-inclusive tuition rates include all the extra-curricular activities offered at Kids 'R' Kids of Lawler Farm in Frisco! There are no extra fees for your child to participate in any of these activities. Opus One Music- An incredible tool used for brain development, our music program exposes children to a variety of musical styles, cultures, and techniques, awakening their inner abilities. Each day children have the opportunity to play instruments, engage in singing exercises, as well as compose their very own musical masterpiece.

Gym Station's Health and Fitness - Recent studies show that our society, through the comforts of technology and fast food, enables childhood obesity, which has reached epidemic proportions. Kids 'R' Kids knows how important physical activity is to any child's development, and that's why our centers include the Kids 'R' Kids Health and Fitness Challenge. Our unique Health and Fitness Program provides all the tools for kids of all ages to learn and enjoy how to be healthy.

Throughout this curriculum we emphasize healthy bodies, the food pyramid, family-style dining, and physical fitness. We stress the importance of fair play, team cooperation, and physical well-being.

GymStation is an extra-curricular activity included in your weekly tuition. For more information on our unique Health and Fitness program, please visit mygymstation. Spanish, Foreign Language - There's no better time to learn another language than during the early childhood years.

In fact, a child's brain is designed to learn multiple languages. Our innovative infant care program provides your child with a fun, loving educational experience that's appropriate for infants as young as six-weeks.

We offer fun, stimulating, educational activities designed to help your infant reach a variety of developmental milestones.

Our 1 goal is to provide your infant with a safe, nurturing, loving environment that offers lots of hugs and personal attention as they participate in a wide variety of age-appropriate activities. Our child care center provides infants with a variety of educational tools and toys designed to stimulate their imaginations, and make learning fun.

Weekly lesson plans include stimulating activities that help children attain the skills they need in order to reach critical developmental milestones. Use of sign language is designed to help infants who have not yet developed their verbal vocabulary to communicate non-verbally. At Kids 'R' Kids of Lawler Farm, we strive to provide your infant with a good balance of fun and fitness to help develop a broad range of physical and cognitive skills.

Strong bonds with families and caregivers are essential to your child as she grows from an infant into a toddler. Our infant care program gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your child is developing the educational skills he needs, in a safe and caring environment. Contact us today to schedule a personalized tour of our infant care facilities in Frisco, and see for yourself why more and more parents in Frisco and McKinney are choosing Kids 'R' Kids of Lawler Farm for their infant care needs.

Toddlers are always on the move, excited and exploring the world around them! Kids 'R' Kids understands the curiosity and readiness of toddlers and creates a challenging and kid-paced day to fulfill these needs.

Our Kids 'R' Kids Infant-Toddler Program grows along with your child, building on previous knowledge and providing new challenges. The Toddler Program Our program works to strengthen all aspects of your growing toddler's development:. We know that toddlers lead a very active lifestyle, and that is why our staff is prepared for the occasional boo-boo. We have developed a special place in our schools where your child can rest and receive the tender loving care he deserves.

A hug, a nod, an understanding smile, the comfort and safety of being with people who care— that's the Kids 'R' Kids difference. We offer a safe, caring, compassionate atmosphere that provides children with a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning. Kids 'R' Kids preschool programs equip preschoolers with the skills they need to take on social and educational challenges, while instilling a sense of accomplishment that builds self-confidence and self-esteem during one of the most crucial times in their young lives.

Our Preschool Curriculum provides a range of age-appropriate activities, including music and art, outdoor physical activities, individual and small group activities, language and literacy activities; all designed to help your child achieve a variety of developmental milestones. Please call or contact us online to schedule a tour of our new, state-of-the-art Frisco preschool and see why Kids 'R' Kids of Lawler Farm is the premiere preschool in Frisco and McKinney.

Continuing to nurture your preschooler's mind, the Kids 'R' Kids Pre-Kindergarten program is filled with enjoyable activities for any child. This is the next stop on your child's way toward elementary learning. Here, learning is driven by student development and imagination. Our program meets and exceeds national standards, has literature-based units, and addresses all learning styles. The program's goal is to help each child succeed to his fullest potential, which is why each unit of study was developed with the learner in mind.

Pre-Kindergarten activities include large and small hands-on groups, independent activities, and realistic application. The learning stations and curriculum were designed to build children's comprehension. Through independent and cooperative learning strategies, children are able to apply thought, imagination, and creativity into their educational experiences.

This program is broken down into three categories: The academic introductions are group learning sessions where students are introduced to subject matter. Our individual and group activities help students apply what they have learned and focus on building individual comprehension.

Pre-Kindergarten station opportunities provide the following:. Alphabet Station helps children build their language skills. Art Station presents free-choice art experiences that develop skills and imagination. Construction Station develops spatial awareness through stacking, sorting, building, and recreating. Dramatic Play Station encourages individual and group role play activities with realistic and imaginary props. Number Station lets children apply math skills with a variety of materials and strategies.

Reading Station promotes independent reading and a love of books. Writing Station encourages beginning letter formation through a variety of materials and activities. Our Private Kindergarten program is enriched with a standards-based curriculum, wonderful learning stations, and an abundance of creative learning activities students will enjoy.

It is based on national and state standards with weekly units comprised of academic lessons and literature-based activities. Our program's goal is to meet the needs of each student while implementing positive learning strategies. Our Private Kindergarten program was designed with six academic categories: Independent and small group activities develop and reinforce student understanding of the subject material.

These activities also build independent and cooperative learning skills. Literacy Activities help children build their language skills. Mathematics Activities develop children's understanding of number concepts as well as beginning arithmetic and problem-solving skills. Small Group Discovery provides daily enrichments and station enhancement activities. Looking for safe, fun, educational before and after school programs in Frisco or McKinney?

Kids 'R' Kids before and after school programs instill children ages 5 — 12 with an ongoing love for learning. Our programs offer homework help for those who need it, and a variety of fun, supervised, child-directed activities in a safe, clean, and caring environment.

The before and after school programs focus on making learning fun, and features a large activity room and a spacious outdoor playground that's especially popular with older children.

Our Before School and After School Programs provide you and your child with a variety of benefits, including:. Our before school programs begin at 6: Children are able to enjoy a healthy breakfast, socialize and learn before school begins. Please have your students here no later than 7: In order for us to get to all of our schools it is important that we leave promptly at 7: If they are in need of breakfast make sure that they are here no later than 6: Food will not be permitted on buses.

One of our most popular after school programs is our Homework Help Club, which is designed to relieve some of the stress homework may bring to your child. This after school program also promotes a healthy beginning, middle, and end to another successful school year and allows your family to spend more quality time together. Unless notified we will assume we are picking up your student. This also applies if your child has to leave early from public school or if you will be picking them up.

It is important to notify us as soon as possible. With the many schools we service in a short time it is extremely important to contact us if your student will not need to be picked up.

Our Discovery Zone gives children the opportunity to participate in activities designed to heighten their appreciation for our environment and their local community. The Nova Zone encourages artistic expression and provides children with the opportunity to write, direct and perform short skits, plays, puppet shows and musicals.

The Open-Air Zone provides your child the opportunity to participate in a range of group activities including trivia games, and board games. The Open-Air Zone is ideal for kids who love fun, challenging activities and is a wonderful social experience your child will never forget. The Construction Zone provides your child with the opportunity to learn about cooking, baking, crafts, and other fun, teacher-supervised activities.

The Media Center provides children with hands-on access to the latest, age-appropriate high tech games and educational media. We invite you to call or contact us online to schedule a tour of our new facilities, and learn why Kids 'R' Kids of Lawler Farm is the choice for before school and after school programs in Frisco and McKinney.

We believe in the 'Hug First, Then Teach' philosophy of childcare to ensure that your child is happy in the loving, supportive environment that we have created.

Our helping hands and hearts approach fosters lasting friendships among peers and genuine bonds between teachers and students. Rest assured knowing that our first responsibility is to your child's social and emotional well-being and that our bond will ensure that what they learn is planted in their mind rather slipping in one ear and out the other.

We know that busy families strive to make the most out of their time together. That's why we do what we can to take the stressful burden of homework off your plate. Enjoy your evenings with your child knowing that they received excellent instruction that will aid their academic performance all school year long! Children ages 5 to 12 will love our supervised activity spaces that allow them to choose their own learning path.

Our spacious outdoor playground features a spray park! This ensures that your child will receive the highest level of education and will easily transition to elementary school. The heart of our curriculum is love. Love, along with a deep understanding of the individual educational and emotional needs of each child, sets the Kids 'R' Kids Curriculum apart. As your child continues to grow, our curriculum grows with him.

At every stage of your child's journey, Kids 'R' Kids develops new and challenging ways to open his mind and expand his imagination. Throughout each age group, your child will discover the joy and excitement of learning science, math, language, literature, drama, music, and art.

The Kids 'R' Kids Curriculum presents a variety of educational activities and theme-based units for every age group. Infants as young as six weeks old are involved with stimulating, hands-on play. Each activity is designed to assist your child in achieving those important developmental milestones while he has fun at the same time. Our Kids 'R' Kids environment is a safe place filled with love, growth, and discovery.

Kids 'R' Kids Preschool Curriculum - 2 through 5 year olds - The daily adventures continue into preschool, and with them come the steppingstones for a lifetime of learning. Our goal is to help equip your child for the challenges ahead. Supporting each child during this time in her life helps to instill a sense of confidence and accomplishment while she basks in her daily successes. Your child's day is filled with age-appropriate activities geared to challenge the pre-adolescent mind while building confidence and security.

Our child-directed activities allow individuals and small groups to work independently while the staff encourages and monitors their progress. Visit with our Curriculum Coordinator to learn more! During these early years, the experiences and interactions your child has will determine which brain cells are activated and which ones are pruned away from lack of stimulation. Our BrainWaves Curriculum begins with activities specifically created to stimulate and activate brain cells in all four separate regions or lobes of the brain.

These activities have been designed for infants, toddlers and pre schoolers. Our curriculum provides for the perfect mix of interactive play and materials to stimulate development through repetition and by utilizing all five senses. Birth through age five is the most important time in your child's life for brain development. That development will be maximized through the activities we have developed in our cutting edge Brain Waves Curriculum.

We understand that each child is unique, so our teachers cater to different interests and learning styles. From infancy, your child will be exposed to many forms of language including sign-language , and immersed in an environment rich in language and literacy.

Our learning stations are filled with math manipulatives, science elements, and stimulating visuals that support brain pathways for cognitive development. Problem solving is considered one of the best ways to support brain development, so our teachers conduct activities to help children explore cause and effect and employ questioning strategies that promote higher level thinking.

Technology is everywhere, so children need healthy exposure to be prepared for life in the 21st century. Research shows, however, that hours of exposure to digital technology can lead to over stimulation of the brain, fatigue, and irritability. Our curriculum has been integrated with ABCmouse, one of the latest early childhood technology tools, to enhance learning.

With the guidance of a teacher, children engage in digital activities that build language, math, science, and fine motor skills. If your child is enrolled at Kids 'R' Kids they will have a special enrollment code which will link their account to their classroom and curriculum. Our Accredited Program and Curriculum implements activities that further enhance and support learning beyond the classroom as well as involve parents in their child's education.

Through our partnership with the award-winning early learning website ABCmouse. These activities include games, songs, books, and more, all of which have many academic and developmental benefits for young children. Themed environments such as the Classroom, The Zoo and The Farm and a reward system helps kids develop math skills with a virtual shopping experience in a fun learning environment. Parents can breath easy that ABCmouse.

There are no software CDs, so your child can access the site from anywhere, anytime and there are new features and learning activities added every week.

Kid Orange Tech provides educational solutions for 21st century kids by supporting educators and parents in implementing technology responsibly into children's lives.

We believe technology has the ability to enrich a child's life when used as an additional learning tool and is not intended to replace traditional play or an existing school curriculum. Also, the use of technology in the home can be an advantage to a child if educators can more easily communicate a child's learning goals so that a parent can reinforce what is being taught in school. Please stop by and see the amazing technology your child will be working with.

The Smart Board interactive whiteboard helps energize presentations and motivates young learners. Combining the simplicity of a whiteboard with the power of a computer, the Smart Board interactive whiteboard engages students and audiences around the world. These experts possess seventy-four years of combined experience in the early childhood and early elementary field. They provided direct oversight of the level of quality, appropriateness, and research basis for all of the activities.

The creation of all the teacher features and lesson plans were their responsibility as well. Want to see Smartboard learning in progress? Check it out HERE!

These three educational theorists guide our decisions for age appropriate learning experiences for children. Our schools are designed so that children learn through peer and teacher interaction in a creative and safe environment as put forth by Vygotsky's theories of the development of the young mind. Our curriculum scaffolds teaching strategies for every classroom age grouping using Piaget's framework of proposed stages in a child's developing ability to learn.

Finally, we believe in Smilansky's teachings of learning through play. Our curriculum includes a plethora of playtime both outside and in the classroom, giving the children the freedom to create and explore their world. All of these child development theorists agree young children learn best by taking an active part in constructing meaning from the world around them. Another proponent of educational constructivism is the Montessori method of teaching.

Though similar in philosophy to Vygotsky, Piaget, and Smilansky's methods, the Montessori approach to education has some unique differences. Listed is a comparative chart between Kids 'R' Kids'teaching philosophy and those attributed to the Montessori teaching method for young children.

For your convenience we have provided some of the forms utilized by our center. Please use these forms as needed. Acceptance of enrollment is based on space availability. May not be combined with other offers or promotions.

We want all children to have the opportunity to grow physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually by playing, exploring, and learning with others in a fun, safe, and healthy environment. One Fee - All inclusive tuition. Free Live Online Mobile Viewing. Birthdays Holiday Visits Marriage Milestones. The kids are going to be OK, but I just wanted to pass that info along to you Mama's! What can I do next? Browse local questions Questions Helpful? Report This Comments optional Report.

I heard about that on the news too Seems pretty irresponsible to me. My review Exclude personally identifiable information such as name, email address, etc Required. How long was your child enrolled? Send a message to this school Parent Name Required. Child Date of Birth Required. Year Target Start Date Required. Message to school Required characters. Save info for other inquiries.

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Kids `R` Kids Frisco Premiere Preschool and Child Care. Providing the most innovative facilities and effective educational programs. We invite you to tour our facilities, meet our teachers, and see for yourself the advantages your child will receive at Kids 'R' Kids Frisco. Kids `R` Kids of Lawler Farm | Frisco, TX ward-Winning Premier Learning Academy Our top-ranked award-winning curriculum services children from infant through 13 years of all-inclusive tuition provides extra-curricular activities including Spanish, Fitness, Technology and Music classes. Comment from Matthew C. of Kids R Kids Learning Academy of Frisco Business Manager 7/17/ Good evening, I'm not sure if there was a misunderstanding or what/5(10).