Connoisseurs often get into disputes regarding the cuteness factor of a straight ear versus a folded ear.

Though despite this, it is an immensely powerful and feared gift, possessing an elemental affinity for lightning and blessed with the power to grant absolute victory if thrown. Guard hairs sprinkled regularly all over the coat give it a brilliant frosty look. Hungarian Government - Ministry of Agriculture.

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Connoisseurs often get into disputes regarding the cuteness factor of a straight ear versus a folded ear.
Body Type: This unusal rabbit has a coat that changes gradually from black when very young to silver when adult. Body is medium length, full and round; ears are long and erect. Body is medium length, full and round; ears are long and erect.
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The jackrabbit’s large ears provide an expansive surface area of exposed skin loaded with blood vessels. When the surrounding air temperature is slightly below the rabbit’s body temperature, as when it retreats from hot desert sun into shade, the blood vessels in the outer part of its ears .

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Ears long and upright. Each hair of fur has three bands of different colors; blue at the base, pearl in the middle, and black at the top.

Medium length body with well rounded hindquarters. Base of each hair is slate blue. Ears are long and upright. Fur is banded slate-blue, pearl, and black. Body is long and full, ears long and erect. Cinnamon-colored rabit with gray ticking across the back. Body is medium length, well rounded; ears are large and erect. Ears medium long and upright. Good Choice for Pets Weight: Compactly built rabbits with well rounded hindquarters. There is a blaze of white on the face, and the front feet, upper torso, and toes to mid-foot of the hind feet are also white.

Revealing one of her gifts, the Spear of Indra, she intended to fight the members of Perseus, but was halted by Izayoi tugging her ears. Laius took an interest in Black Rabbit and tried to get her to transfer to his community, this sparked Asuka and Izayoi to remark that her legs belong to them, with Shiroyasha getting into the act, ending with Black Rabbit smacking Izayoi with her signature paper fan.

The conversation, when it was serious, took a turn for the worse with Black Rabbit contemplating trading herself for Leticia's freedom when she was offered the chance, something Asuka was against.

In order to obtain Leticia's freedom and prevent Black Rabbit from sacrificing herself, she proposed the legendary gift game Perseus would conduct, but declared it would take years to accomplish. Izayoi appears and reveals he completed the game, and Black Rabbit traveled to the Perseus Community, announcing that they are to participate in a Gift Game when she reveals the two treasures won from the Kraken and Gorgon.

As Judge Master Black Rabbit is to referee the battle while everyone fights their way to the arena. Before the start of the game Black Rabbit was surprised at Izayoi's knowledge given how he portrayed himself for most of the time.

During the game she grew worried for everyone's sake, but was quickly changed as she was assaulted by an invisible Izayoi tickling her sides. She responded in her usual way: When the mention of Laius not being the one to fight Izayoi, Black Rabbit feared the worst and those fears were confirmed when Algol was summoned. She was there to witness Izayoi dominate the fight, and when he smashed a beam that could petrify the world, she was flabbergasted, commenting that his gift can not only shatter Heaven and Earth but also the Stars.

She announced the No Names as the winners once Algol was defeated. Once Leticia woke from her petrified state, Black Rabbit was the first to greet her, and the first to be shocked at the vampire's willingness to be a maid for the Problem Children. The thought left her just as quickly as she decided to throw a party outside. The reason for this was because the Perseus flag would be removed from the sky.

During the time when the stars fell, Black Rabbit talked with izayoi, which ended with the Problem Child declaring to place their flag in the sky, something that Black Rabbit agrees wholeheartedly with. Black Rabbit informed the community that a certain rare specimen was heading to the east and would cause an enormous drought.

Her plan was to utilize the water tree and offer the water to other communities in exchange for currency. It was an economic plan everyone was able to get behind.

However in the end her plan wasn't followed through as Izayoi, Asuka and You ended up defeating the cause of the drought. One day Black Rabbit received and hid an invitation letter for the 'Rise of the Fire Dragon' Festival that was to take place in the North, but the Problem Children found it and as punishment left a letter claiming to leave the Community if Kuro Usagi did not find them by sunset.

The letter caused her to enter enraged mode pink hair and after looking around the community grounds, she head off into town, completely angered and upset with the children for what they said in the letter. She tracked them down by using an Astral Gate, which usually required a tool to be used, for free as she's an Aristocrat of Little Garden.

First to be caught was Yo whom she entrusted to Shiroyasha to look after. She then proceeded to hunt down Asuka and Izayoi, only to find them discussing about a Gift Game they dreamt of hosting when the farmlands were restored.

Thanks to Leticia, a captured Asuka was left in her care, leaving Black Rabbit to solely focus on chasing down Izayoi. She matched his speed and manages to get him to settle down long enough for him to issue a Gift Game, one where if she won it would give her the right to ask of Izayoi to do anything that she asked of him, albeit only once. She refused the terms; saying that she didn't want to participate if the terms were not equal and so offered the same condition should she lose.

Once the terms were finalized and accepted, the Gift Game began with Kuro Usagi taking the first move, deciding to try and escape from his field of vision to better utilize her enhanced sense of hearing to catch him later. Izayoi's speed was on par with hers and she had to block various times to make sure Izayoi couldn't grab her. Just when Black Rabbit thought she would win, Izayoi decides to shatter the top of a building to trap her.

The rest of the building began to tumble over, forcing both of them to destroy it. Through the collapsing rubble, both take hold of the other and the Gift Game ends in a draw.

Their antics, however had drawn the attention of the Salamandra Military Poclice, forcing both to be taken into custody. Once they have been, Black Rabbit was alerted to the real reason why the No Names were given the invitation, to help Thousand Eyes and Salamandra prevent the rise of a new Demon Lord.

Black Rabbit and the No Names offered their help with enthusiasm. Later that day, Black Rabbit joined Asuka in the baths owned by Thousand Eyes, worried for the girl's safety. However Black Rabbit still had to endure Shiroyasha's perverse antics, as well as Izayoi's once she exits the bath. Even during the important meeting the Rabbit had to deal with the two antics and desires to see her in different clothing. During the meeting, Black Rabbit accepted Shiroyasha's proposal of being Referee at the Gift Game "Duel of the Gift Creators" the next day, and was shocked to learn that possibly members of Grim Grimoire were still active and might be behind the soon to be attacked by the new Demon Lord.

Afterwards, she congratulated Yu, but it was at that moment that black Geas Rolls fell onto the city. Black Rabbit realized the Demon Lords began their assault, confirming Izayoi's suspicions.

As part of her job, she helped try and calm the citizens down, directing them out of the Colosseum. At the start of Ratten's song, she was not in the colosseum, but You and Jin directed what Shiroyasha told them to say to her. This allowed Black Rabbit to halt the game with her Judge Master gift and declare a meeting between participating communities. During the meeting, she confirmed the suspicions of the participating communities, and that the Mao Community, Grim Grimoire Hamlin did not go against any protocols or conduct any wrong doing.

However, the negotiations ended with the game to restart in a week and Black Rabbit to participate in the game. Black Rabbit, along with Sandra, took on Pest once the games began, and revealed how Pest got her divinity, saying Izayoi was the one who told her. Black Rabbit and Sandra are barely able to hold their battle against her until Pest activates her power, spreading a wind that will instantly kill anyone who breathes it in. Black Rabbit rushed to save a child and You, but the timely arrival of Asuka and Deen saved them and Black Rabbit needed to be saved by Izayoi.

Black Rabbit conducts a plan that requires Izayoi to hold Pest back as she prepares to teleport everyone to the moon. The hit destroys the Mao and the battle is won. Black Rabbit and the others return to the [No Names] home and begin preparations to rejuvenate the surrounding farmland.

When it was decided that not all of the main force could go, it became a game where one of the Problem Children could enjoy the entire festival but the two would swap places from one enjoying the beginning and one the end of the festival. Though she left the game to gather up some fish due to Izayoi requesting it. Once the game was completed Black Rabbit traveled to [Thousand Eyes], and with Shirayuki became the victim of Shiroyasha's antics once more.

Being forced to wear a blue short kimono, Black Rabbit and Shirayuki both attacked Shiroyasha out of rage for her perversion. Shiroyasha explained her plan to develop the East Side region and that Izayoi was lending Shirayuki to her to provide water for the communities.

The first thing the group decided on doing upon arrival was going to meet with the [Draco Greif] Alliance and the spirits of the divine tree of [Underwood] as a token of thanks for the invitation. Upon arriving the group marveled at the sight of the large Water Tree and then met Gry once more.

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