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This piece of clothing became popular during and after the British era. However, during the present time too, skirts are back in fashion. They are being worn by women of all ages today and have become one of the major aspects of Indian attire. From school girls to moms, it is quite common these days to spot females in beautifully designed skirts. At Craftsvilla, we have some of the most beautiful designs in this category, and you will surely love to have them for your wardrobe.

There are many reasons that make this dress so popular not just in India, but in the western world as well. No matter whether you are going for shopping or picnic or need to attend a corporate party off similar event, you can buy a skirt for various occasions.

All you have to do is pick the right design and fabric according to the requirements of the occasion. So, let us find some more reasons to buy skirts before you start hunting them. Some cool reasons to buy skirts online from Craftsvilla: The comfort factor associated with this dress will surely impress you in a number of ways. During the summer days, it certainly turns out to be difficult to walk on the streets.

Wearing a pair of jeans or trousers can be annoying due to sweat. Jeans or trousers do not allow your skin to breathe freely, which in turn causes a lot of irritation and sometimes even skin rashes too. So, if you want to stay and look cool during the summer days, a skirt is the best dress you need to go with. Easy to maintain- Like other pieces of clothing, such as trousers, leggings, jeggings, etc. You do not have to iron them or fold them really carefully.

It is quite true that wrinkles on pants, jeans or trousers are absolutely unacceptable. These will make you look unfashionable and shabby as well. But, this is not the case with the skirts.

There is no problem if your skirt is not ironed. The ruffles on your skirt will never mar down your looks and you can go about with your business without worrying.

Their lower body part certainly looks a little out of shape, which in turn makes them feel uncomfortable and less confident about themselves.

But, in the case of a skirt, they do not have to worry about anything. At Craftsvilla, we have skirts that can easily fit women of all shapes and sizes. No matter if you are skinny or have a heavy structure or even pregnant, you can conveniently purchase beautifully designed skirts from our website, and make yourself look prettier.

Perfect look- A skirt can go well with almost anything. Once you buy skirts online from our website, you can pair it up with a simple top, a tank top, a stylish shirt or even a short kurti, etc.

Colourful skirts available at Craftsvilla can easily match with most of your existing clothes in your wardrobe. Moreover, a lot of ladies find the problem of visible panty line quite annoying and sometimes embarrassing too. But, this issue can be over come once you wear a skirt.

As a result, you will be able to get a perfect look for almost every occasion. Its sexy- Yes, the sexiness associated with a skirt is something that can be very tempting for the men. Even though a skirt does not reveal a lot like a hot pants, but it definitely teases a lot. By the Middle Kingdom of Egypt there was a fashion for longer kilts, almost like skirts, reaching from the waist to ankles, sometimes hanging from the armpits.

During the New Kingdom of Egypt kilts with a pleated triangular section became fashionable for men. In Ancient Greece the simple, sleeved T-shaped tunics were constructed of three seamed tubes of cloth, a style that originated in the Semitic Near East, along with the Semitic -based word khiton, also referred to as a chiton. Men's dress made of red silk —90 to be buttoned on the front, History Museum of Bern Switzerland. Duke Ulrich of Mecklenburg wearing a doublet and diverted skirt with codpiece and black tights, The Romans adopted many facets of Greek culture including the same manner of dressing.

The Celts and Germanic peoples wore a skirted garment which the historian Diodorus Siculus fl. Below they wore knee-length trousers. Technological advances in weaving with foot-treadle floor looms and the use of scissors with pivoted blades and handles in the 13—15th century led to new designs.

The upper part of dresses could now be tailored exactly to the body. They were wide cut and often pleated with an A-line so that horse riding became more comfortable. Even a knights armor had a short metal skirt below the breastplate. It covered the straps attaching the upper legs iron cuisse to the breastplate. The innovative new techniques specially improved tailoring trousers and tights which designs needed more differently cut pieces of cloth than most skirts. In an intermediate stage to openly wearing trousers the upper classes favoured voluminous pantskirts and diverted skirts like the padded hose or the latter petticoat breeches.

Though during most of history, men and specially dominant men have been colourful in pants and skirts like Hindu maharajas decked out in silks and diamonds or the high heeled King Louis XIV of France with a diverted skirt, stockings and long wig. From the early Victorian era , there was a decline in the wearing of bright colours and luxurious fabrics by men, with a definite preference for sobriety of dress.

In the s, there was widespread reaction against the accepted North American and European conventions of male and female dress. This unisex fashion movement aimed to eliminate the sartorial differences between men and women. In practice, it usually meant that women would wear male dress, i. Men rarely went as far in the adoption of traditionally female dress modes. The furthest that most men went in the s in this regard were velvet trousers, flowered or frilled shirts and ties, and long hair.

In addition, he was featured in many articles at the time. Symbolically, wearing skirts would allow men to take on desirable female characteristics. In practical terms, skirts, he suggested, do not chafe around the groin, and they are more suited to warm climates. In the French fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier created his first skirt for a men.

Jonathan Davis , the lead singer of Korn , has been known to wear kilts at live shows and in music videos throughout his year career with that band. During his Berlin time — Martin Gore was often seen in public wearing skirts. Brand Nubian Lord Jamar criticized Kanye West wearing skirts, saying that his style has no place in hip-hop.

In in France, an association was created to help spur the revival of the skirt for men. America is also not without its own contemporary advocates of skirts as menswear. One male blogger "den[ies] that skirts are exclusively feminine garments" and suggests that the prevailing societal view reflects a "symbology of power" that persisted even in wake of the women's liberation movement.

We are committed to a fundamentally masculine gender identity. It displayed men's skirts on mannequins, as if in the window of a department store, in several historical and cross-cultural contexts. The exhibition display pointed out the lack of a "natural link" between an item of clothing and the masculinity or femininity of the wearer, mentioning the kilt as "one of the most potent, versatile, and enduring skirt forms often looked upon by fashion designers as a symbol of a natural, uninhibited, masculinity".

It pointed out that fashion designers and male skirt-wearers employ the wearing of skirts for three purposes: It linked the wearing of men's skirts to youth movements and countercultural movements such as punk , grunge , and glam rock and to pop-music icons such as Boy George , Miyavi and Adrian Young. The wearing of skirts by men is also found in the goth subculture. Elizabeth Ellsworth, a professor of media studies , [40] eavesdropped on several visitors to the exhibition, noting that because of the exhibition's placement in a self-contained space accessed by a staircase at the far end of the museum's first floor, the visitors were primarily self-selected as those who would be intrigued enough by such an idea in the first place to actually seek it out.

According to her report, the reactions were wide-ranging, from the number of women who teased their male companions about whether they would ever consider wearing skirts to which several men responded that they would to the man who said, "A caftan after a shower or in the gym?

An adolescent girl rejected in disgust the notion that skirts were similar to the wide pants worn by hip-hop artists. Two elderly women called the idea "utterly ridiculous". One man, reading the exhibition's presentation on the subject of male skirt-wearing in cultures other than those in North America and Europe, observed, "God! Three quarters of the world's population [wear skirts]! The exhibition itself attempted to provoke visitors into considering how, historically, male-dress codes have come to this point and whether in fact a trend towards the wearing of skirts by men in the future actually exists.

It attempted to raise challenging questions of how a simple item of dress connotes in Ellsworth's words "huge ramifications in meanings, behaviours, everyday life, senses of self and others, and configurations of insider and outsider". The wearing of skirts, kilts, or similar garments on an everyday basis by men in Western cultures is an extremely small minority.

They often are worn with chunky black boots," writes AP reporter Anne Kim. In addition, since the mids, a number of clothing companies have been established to sell skirts specifically designed for men.

In Wicca and neopaganism , especially in the United States, men just as women are encouraged to question their traditional gender roles.

Amongst other things, this involves the wearing of robes at festivals and sabbat celebrations as ritual clothing which Eilers equates to the "church clothes" worn by Christians on Sundays. Outside Western cultures, male clothing includes skirts and skirt-like garments. In Myanmar both women and men wear a longyi , a wraparound tubular skirt like a sarong that reaches to the ankles for women and to mid-calf for men. There is a difference in the way a dhoti and lungi is worn.

While a lungi is more like a wrap around, wearing the dhoti involves the creation of pleats by folding it. A dhoti also passes between the legs making it more like a folded loose trouser rather than a skirt. In Sub-Saharan Africa , sarong-like garments sometimes worn by men are known as kanga or khanga , kitenge or chitenje , kikoy , and lappa.

In West Africa Ghanaian chiefs use the iconic kente cloths for their representative chiton-like wraparound garments. Extremely beautiful are the leather skirts and finely embroidered tunics of the Wodaabe in Niger , which the men wear to display their enhanced beauty and to impress the unmarried women on the Gerewol dance festials.

The Samoan Lavalava is a wraparound "skirt". These are worn by men, women and children. The men's lavalava have only traditional symbols. A blue lavalava is the official skirt for the police officers uniform of Samoa. In Sikhism , a faith that originated in the Punjab , there is a traditional dress which is worn by both men and women, called a 'baana' or 'chola'. This dress has a skirted bottom and is worn over long white undershorts. It was traditionally worn in battle by Sikh warriors as it allowed free movement and remains a part of the traditional Sikh dress and identity.

For the hajj , the annual pilgrimage to Mecca, Muslim men wear the ihram , a simple, seamless garment made of white, terry clothlike cotton. One piece is wound skirt-like around the lower half of the body; the other is thrown loosely over one shoulder. In Yemen standard dress is a calf-length, wraparound skirt, the futah.

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