Here’s a super cool and unexpected project which doesn’t require any sewing at all. If you’ve got a pair of jeans that is just totally shredded and there’s no chance at turning them into another item of clothing, you can use the scraps to make your very own denim wreath.

Cut out a long piece for the waist band, 2 inches wide. July 24, at 7:

Welcome to the rd Metamorphosis Monday! For this week’s Met Monday, I thought it would be fun to share 25 fab Before and Afters. These “Befores” started out as old, out-of-style or too-worn jeans and turned into shiny, new purses and bags.
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Turn baggy jeans into skinny jeans.


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Ad Make a narrow hem around all 4 sides. Cut your denim strips all the same width. I used 2 inches. Cut them any length that you are able to cut from your scraps. You can piece the short ones together or cut the long ones to fit. Just butt the ends together, and stitch as one. When cutting the fringe, it doesn't have to be really even slashes. Just be sure you don't cut through the stitches. Whenever your kids outgrow their denim jeans, save them for making bags from the legs.

Cut off the legs at the crotch, turn inside out and hem the unfinished edge. Now you have a nice long tube-bag for tent poles, beach umbrella storage, or anything else that comes with poles or long, skinny pieces. You could label the leg-bag with puffy paint, duct tape, or Sharpie marker so you know what is inside. Ad If you need a fatter bag, take multiple legs, split them at the inner seam cut off the multiple-thicknesses of the leg , sew the long edges together for a fatter tube, and now you have a bag for a sleeping bag, beach towels, tent small one, of course , or perhaps off-season blankets.

Save up and ask friends and family for old jeans. Make a throw or bed blanket! Cut every good part you can into the same size squares. Anything from 3 to 4 inch squares. Sew all these together in strips and then sew the strips together. Once you have the desired size for a throw or bed cover.

To make it all tattered on the edges wash and dry many times! Not to long ago my grand daughter went through a growth spurt and she asked me to turn her skinny jeans into shorts. Using Cut Off Pant Legs. My 7 year old is a little larger than average around his waist, so I have to buy pants that are to long for him in order to get ones that will fit him around his waist, and end up cutting and hemming them for a better fit.

This is a guide about making a jeans purse. Jeans have long been an often used recycled material for a wide variety of crafts. One popular use is to cut and restitch into a durable jeans purse. Those worn out denim pants can be reused to create a rug. This guide is about crocheted blue jeans rug. When my children were growing up, I cut the legs off their bluejeans and made shorts for the summer months. I saved the legs and made several things from them. Ad I remember one being a cover for the dog bed and another a tennis racket cover.

This is a guide about making a jeans apron. Take those old or wrong sized jeans and, rather than throw them away, make a cute apron. This is a guide about patchwork circle mat. This fun little mat uses scraps of denim and cotton to make a colorful pattern. Its a great way to repurpose old jeans and use up fabric left over from other projects.

This is a guide about blue jeans quilt ideas. Recycling blue jeans into craft projects is a great way to reuse this sturdy fabric. I made these for my pre-teen. I took Rice a Roni boxes with the top half cut off. I used old jeans and glued the jean material around the boxes. Denim Clutch with Floral Accent. Denim Bag With Storage Pockets. Denim Lace Ruffle Purse. Denim Tote With Belt Accent. Denim Purse With Leather Handles. Denim Lunch Sack or Toy Bag.

Denim Electronic Gadget Bag. Denim Exercise-Mat Carry Bag. I post almost daily to Instagram. Follow Between Naps on the Porch on Instagram here: Between Naps On The Porch. Only link up Before and After posts that are home, gardening, crafting, painting, sewing, cooking, DIY related. Do not link up a post that was just linked last week since a lot of readers will have already seen that post.

Never miss a Between Naps on the Porch post! So many great ideas, Susan. A lot of talented people are making fabulous bags with old jeans. Thank you for the inspiration you always provide. SO many cute ideas! I love the tote that is pictured on the boat and the camera bag! Coincidentally I am in the process of purchasing a denim handmade bag this week, thanks for sharing some great denim finds, pinned to my denim board!

I can see lots of pinning going on with all those delightful denim bags! Thanks so much for sharing and hosting, Susan! These are lovely purses, Susan! My favorite is the Floral Denim Purse — love the lining. I am delighted to join your party this week and do appreciate you hosting — I hope you have a blessed week, Kathy.

I love the first one with all the little bows on it! Thanks for hosting, Susan! What a fun post!! So many cute ideas! Thank you for hosting and sharing, congrats on the beautiful family addition! I never realized how many things you can make from a pair of jeans that are so truly beautiful!!!

Hope you had a lovely Easter Susan! Thank you so much for the inspiring party. Have a wonderful week. Thanks for hosting your great party for us this week again. I think is is so much more fair…not all of us can sit at the computer to hit the button when a party comes online. Your little grandson is SO adorable…I enjoyed watching the video of him cooing at his mobile. Instead of bleaching your jeans for a light backdrop and then drawing on them with a dark permanent marker, you are actually drawing on a dark backdrop with bleach.

The finished effect is really cool, and as you can see, you can do pretty detailed work. Just like with the idea above, this is a modification trick you could personalize in many different ways.

Either of these tricks can also be used to decorate any other repurposed creations you make out of denim. Ok, so everyone has that problem where the back of your jeans droops open, right? If you are constantly worrying about your pants leaving a bit too little to the imagination and gaping open in the back, you just have to take a bit of elastic and sew it in. You can always just follow this tutorial though and make all of your jeans fit perfectly.

For lack of anything better to call it. You could use it to carry blankets, tablecloths, yoga mats, anything else that rolls up and fits inside. Basically, you just cut the small coin pocket out of a pair of jeans, making sure you include the bit of the waistband above it. You poke a couple holes through it, run the cord through, and then tie the knots in front.

Now the waistband forms a flap you can pull down over the top, so it looks all nice and neat. You could literally make this in five or ten minutes.

I love the pretty flower ornament on the front. Here is another cute little project from the same blog. This gal has a lot of cool, creative ideas! The skirt looks amazing both because of the design and because the person who made it did such an outstanding job on it. The instructions are in Cyrillic, but very easy to follow along with just the images, because this is actually a pretty simple project.

This project is for a cute and handy craft apron which you can use to hold your supplies as you are working on your projects. Here are a couple of more really pretty denim bracelets you can make using old jeans, rhinestone beads, lace, and fabric. There is no step-by-step with the images, but she does describe her steps in her tutorial.

This is a pretty simple project if you are used to sewing! These denim corsages were inspired by chrysanthemums, and they are stunning to behold! What a gorgeous result! Like the idea of denim corsages, but looking for something a little quicker and less involved? These denim corsages by Sachiko over at Tea Rose Home are just as beautiful, and a little less elaborate. This is a very simple, straightforward project for turning an old pair of jean shorts into a skirt.

What is nice about this project is that you can also use it on pants, and you can make a longer skirt this way—as long as you want, if you have enough denim to fill the area between the legs on both sides. This is a sewing-intensive project, but the instructions are incredibly detailed.

This tutorial comes from the same website as the one above, Threading My Way. This one will teach you how to turn your old jeans into a cushion or pillow, complete with a cute little pocket. How cool is this cuff? I love all the ornamentation on it; it looks absolutely amazing! If you have fraying old jeans which you cannot up-cycle into new attire, here is a project to make amazing use out of the scraps. You can weave a basket entirely out of denim. This would also be great for gifts.

How clever is this? This denim placemat is absolutely adorable to look at, and it also has the added utility and convenience of the pocket for the utensils. What a smart and witty way to keep the utensils in place. This would especially be helpful if you have your kids set the table and they tend to make a mess of the forks and knives.

Just have them stash them in the pocket and you can sit down to a nice neat place setting. This denim case is designed to hang on your keychain and protect your iPod while making a clever fashion statement. You even learn how to add a zipper and a colorful interior lining.

The finished result looks so neat and complete it could have been store-bought. This project uses a jacket, but you could do it just as easily with your jeans, or with any object you create by repurposing them.

Earlier I shared a tutorial with you for drawing on jeans with a sharpie to create simple, bold, geometric designs. Now check out what is possible with a fine-tipped marker!

I love corsets as outerwear; they are a great way to dress up any outfit and give it a little something extra.

This tutorial will show you how to create an amazing-looking corset using your old jeans. This one was based on an old Victorian pattern. This is the perfect way to create a look which combines classic styles with contemporary materials. I was clueless as to what a draught excluder was, but if you have a door with a substantial crack under it, you probably know exactly what it is. You place it in front of the door and it covers up the crack, keeping the cold air from blustering in.

The leg of a jean is just the right size and shape to convert easily into a pretty and effective draught excluder. Learn how with this tutorial! If your pencil can or jar is looking rather drab, why not jazz it up with a bit of denim and some other fabric scraps? While the finished result looks spectacular, this project actually is surprisingly easy and straightforward.

Make use of one of the seams and you get that lovely, finished look. Embellish your denim pencil can however you want. Not only can you make a small craft apron for yourself out of old jeans, but you can also make a larger craft apron for a child that provides fuller coverage. Your kid will love them, and so will you! Here is a seasonal project which is perfect for fall, and just in time for Halloween!

There is a full tutorial available; you have to scroll down to the bottom of the blog entry to find it.

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